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Periodicals mail consists of newspapers, magazines, journals, and newsletters and must meet specific requirements for eligibility. Periodicals are very diverse, exhibiting a wide range of characteristics, and printed by churches, schools, clubs, publishers of hometown newspapers, academic societies, nonprofit organizations, and multi-national corporations. Periodicals can be prepared as flats, letters, or parcels.

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To qualify for Periodicals prices, the Periodical must meet the following criteria and the publisher must be Authorized or have a pending Authorization to mail at Periodicals prices.

  • The publication must be published in a serial format (such as volume 1, issue 1; volume 1 issue 2; volume 1 issue 3).
  • The publication must be published at least 4 times a year with a specified frequency.
  • The publisher must have a known office of publication. This office should be accessible to the public during business hours for conducting publication business.
  • The publication must be composed of printed sheets.

See mailing standards for Periodicals in Postal Explorer®.

Domestic Mail Manual Section 707 – Periodicals

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