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USPS Connect Local lets you offer local customers affordable same-day and next-day shipping.

Plus, get the opportunity to be part of our USPS Shipping Local Directory.

USPS® Shipping Local Directory: Texas

Our USPS Connect Local pilot program has started in Texas. We're helping stores like these— and yours— to offer local customers easy and affordable same-day and next-day shipping.1 Join us in revitalizing your local downtown one USPS Connect Local shipper at a time. Once you're approved to participate in the Directory, you'll have your company name, logo, and link featured on our site.

Benefits of Being
a USPS Connect Local Shipper

Looking to test the waters of low-cost, same-day/next-day local shipping?
With USPS Connect, there's no burdensome approval process or eligibility requirements: Just contact Sales, review and agree to the online terms of service, and get started shipping.

Expected Same-Day & Next-Day Local Delivery

We help you get your products to your neighborhood customers even faster, so you can turn occasional buyers into habitual ones.

Reduce Shipping Costs
& Add Value

Competitively priced shipping plus a host of included tools and services mean value for your business and your customers.

Be Part of the USPS Shipping Local Directory Pilot

Eligible USPS Connect Local businesses may have their company logo and website link featured on our Shipping Local Directory.
View program criteria.

How USPS Connect Local Works

Step 1


Work with your Sales Executive to review the requirements and terms of service, complete the Simple Agreement, and submit your USPS Shipping Local Directory info.

Step 2


Process orders for same-day or next-day delivery with USPS Connect at participating Postal Service facilities that deliver to the ZIP Code areas served by that location.

Step 3


Use the Click-N-Ship® application to easily print shipping labels, prepay postage with a credit card or via Visa Checkout® or PayPal®, and receive tracking numbers—all in one place.

Step 4


Drop off your packages at the Postal Service facility in the delivery ZIP Code area by critical entry time on the day of delivery for same-day delivery, or later in the day for next-day delivery.

Step 5


Your packages go out for local delivery along the carriers' daily routes.

Step 6


You can receive confirmation of delivery by setting up notifications through Click-N-Ship.

Ready to get started?

Talk to your local Postmaster or USPS Sales Team about how USPS Connect Local can meet your needs and to initiate a local agreement.

Visit to learn more.

Get Started with USPS Connect Local

1. Participation in USPS Connect Local requires agreement to program terms and entry of packages close to final destination. Same-day delivery is expected but not guaranteed, and may not be available at all locations. Next-day delivery may be impacted by holidays and availability of Sunday delivery. Additional restrictions my apply. Back ^ to legal disclaimer 1